Green . Blue . Full of memories and promises. Scenic Beauty and unpredictable sea combines lush evergreen pine forests and olive groves , with crystal clear waters , the traditional way of life in the villages, archaeological sites , trendy shops and nightlife .
The beauty of Thassos is definitely a great opportunity to enjoy nature . Lush forests of pine and fir trees , and land cultivated with olive trees cover the entire surface of the island and the picturesque villages revealed one after another . And while the captivating greenery enough a frisk for this lost time in the vastness of the Aegean. Creeks , beautiful beaches , wild cliffs and hidden caves promise thrilling experiences .
Thassos are organized two ports that can accommodate sailboats , these ports and the stairs Kallirachis.Episis whole island is dotted with sheltered coves where you can spend the night agryrovolontas . Each beach and a apokalypsi.Tha find sandy beaches and many secluded beaches that will make you feel like the first created in paradeiso.Makryammos , Depths , Bib , Fat , Glyfada , Papalimani , Lancet , Golden Beach in Skala Panagia , the Gold Coast Skala Potamia Koinyra , Paradise stack iAlyki considered and the pool on the island, fine sand Astris , Côte drink, Peukari , Côte Limenaria up Tripiti the Atspas Skala Maries , Côte Kallirachi Coast Savior , Côte thickets Skala Prinos and others.


Thassos is an island that adorns the North Aegean and makes the summers of Northern Greece cool, filling them salty. The beaches of Thassos are among the most beautiful in Eastern Macedonia & Thrace and stand out among those of Greece. If you are thinking of visiting Thassos, then you must definitely know the eight beaches that will give you unforgettable moments, fill your body with salt and your mind with wonderful memories.

Aliki Beach

A summer tour of the southeastern side of the island, on the rocky expanse of Aliki, is an excellent experience for every visitor. Consisting of two bays that in ancient times were considered to be a shopping center, Alyki is not slow to unravel its natural beauty, similar to a painting. Thrilling images are made in Alyki of Thassos, composed of water, earth and sky. History and beauty float in its tranquil waters. Visitors enchanted by its beauty, expect to see the colors of the evening as the finale of a beautiful day.

Paradise Beach

The isolated bay surrounded by greenery gives the visitor the feeling of being in an exotic location! Having received international environmental honors justifies his name. The color of the sea is light green and some parts of the beach have rocks. Its crystal clear waters and the fine soft sandy beach will charm you, and if you are lucky enough to succeed in the enormous waves, you will experience an experience similar to Hawaii!

In the past, Paradise was the official nudist beach of Thassos, but in recent years nudists occupy only one part of it.

Saliara Beach

Saliara is a unique and special beach. It is also called Marbles, because the water, due to the white sand and small pieces of marble at the seabed, has a unique emerald color that resembles a tropical coast. The beach is located in a small, isolated bay and in the past it was deserted but in recent years it is busy and organized with sun loungers, umbrellas and a beach bar. Small yachts and boats approaching the coast, complement the enchanting landscape.

Vathi Beach

Vathi Beach is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. You will find it just a few kilometers away from Limenas, to the east of the island. It is an amazingly beautiful place with green waters and trees that cast their shadow on the soft white sand.

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