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Skyros is the southernmost and largest island of the Sporades located east of Evvoias.I area reaches 210 square kilometers . The island is characterized by strong contrasts, with pine covered hills , rocky mountain landscapes , idyllic secluded beaches , beautiful coves , long beaches , sea caves composing a full and natural terrain variations .With a long history , Skyros , there was always place that has preserved the tradition and authenticity. The visitors will admire the local architecture , ornate woodwork , the Byzantine thematic origin ceramics. In bright white , stuck next to another country home , you will be impressed with the special decoration .
It is also well known for the Skyros horse , not easily found anywhere else in the world and shown in front of the Parthenon .
Cheese , honey , herbs , meat , fish and seafood are the raw materials for Skyrian kitchen that will impress you for its quality.

Throughout the island there are two ports for sailing , in Lynaria and Achilli.Sti Skyros end are some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece . Crystal clear waters , caves , beautiful landscapes , beaches with golden or white pebble beaches , you will definitely have the opportunity to experience and enjoy the beaches of Skyros during your holiday .

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Alonissos is the ultimate setting for a truly relaxing holiday. It is the most distant cluster of Sporades and the only inhabited predominantly in the Sporades National Marine Park , created in 1992 . It forms refuge for rare birds and especially the monk seal monachus monachus.
The Country is an absolutely beautiful little village with small cafes that overlook the Sporades , local art shops and beautiful rooms . Island with beautiful beaches and countless small deserted islands in amazing natural environment inhabited by people responsibly protected and highlighted . The first thing that visitors encounter Alonissos is Patitirion picturesque harbor and capital of the island , which took its name from the wine presses , when the main occupation of the locals were viticulture .
Is pine areas in the southern part with hiking trails and beautiful scenery , and beaches with crystal clear waters . Ideal for nature lovers and for those who seek the crowd and bustle on summer holiday , Alonissos , offers a quiet and relaxing stay while can satisfy requirements and nature of the visitor as well as for hiking and sea excursions. Finally , Alonissos has something special that sets it apart from all other Greek islands : the seabed . Hundreds of shipwrecks , ancient and modern, located on the seabed around Alonissos .

Most beaches you will find in Alonissos is organized and pebbles . Almost all beaches are pine landscapes and therefore turquoise waters.
The National Marine Park may not be exactly what you have in your mind . It is a vast area of 2,200 square kilometers in the northeastern portion of the seeds . The purpose of the Park is to protect the very rich fauna comprising more than 300 species of fish , dolphins , whales , coral rare , endangered bird species and of course the Mediterranean Monk Seal Monachus Monachus. Besides the sea area , the Park includes the Alonissos island , 6 smaller islands ( Pigeon , Kyra Panagia, Psathoura , Pepper , Skantzoura and Jura ) and 22 vrachonisides.To Patitirion and Stenivala are two small ports will become bases of operations on excursions , Alonissos and barren

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Skopelos is the greenest island in Greece . Here , where the green of the pine trees and the dense forest meets the deep blue sea and sky, creating an image of natural beauty , you will find yourself in an idyllic land , in a small paradise in the heart of Greece .
The island of Skopelos is characterized by dense forests and the blue of the sea and that’s why on 05.07.97 officially proclaimed as » green and blue island » by the International Agency for BIO . It is telling that the biggest part of the island is covered by virgin pine forest . A forest when visiting Skopelos going to need your love , care and attention to remain as it is.
The town of Skopelos , by presidential decree also been characterized as a traditional settlement ( 19/10/78 Presidential Decree 594, 13-11/78 ) .
Geographically Skopelos is an Aegean island (central – northwest Aegean ) , east of Pelion and north of Evia . It has a coastline rich in tensions with perimeter 67 km stretch of 95.8 , maximum length of 17 kilometers and a width of 8 kilometers. The population is about 5,700 residents , while it is the second largest island in the Northern Sporades (after Skyros ) .
Skopelos attractions are many. You will need several days to be able to know them .
The picturesque town of Skopelos composes itself a unique landscape and you will definitely enjoy the trails in the narrow alleys .
You will also visit the Byzantine and historical monuments of the island , like the pirate graves in chests .
The mountains of Skopelos with many sources and pines are another unique gem of Skopelos . As well as bays , the beautiful beaches and unique landscapes .
On the island you will find many beaches and coves with crystal clear waters. The choices are numerous and for all kinds of taste. Beaches with pebbles or sand . Deserted coves for naturists . Crowded beaches and water sports , sun beds , umbrellas and taverns or bars to enjoy a drink or meal . Bays with deep water for short explorations of beautiful bottom mask or underwater speargun .
In Skopelos , finally , you will find 4 ports are hosted istiofora.Afta Language , Agnontas , New Climate and naturally in this Skopelos , which is the largest of the Northern Sporades .

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skiathos The island , home to the famous Greek writer Alexandros Papadiamanti is a green island of Sporades , a true jewel of the Aegean , with amphitheater built white houses , steep cliffs and turquoise seas . It is only 46 square kilometers, but many people return to the island for their holidays each year for the mere fact that it has the best beaches in the Greek islands , a great variety of restaurants, bars , plenty of accommodation for stay and the fact that it is a absolutely gorgeous island . It is a lush, green island with over 60 beaches.

Skiathos island apart from its natural beauty , it offers excellent tourist infrastructure , major attractions such as the Museum of Musical Instruments of the world and the House – Museum of Alexander Papadiamanti , historic monasteries and the medieval town of Castle in the North coast of the island .
The island “s nightlife is very intense so Skiathos is one of the most preferred holiday destinations of youth .
The island offers endless golden beaches are beaches Tsougria Skiathos , Banana , Lalaria Vromolimnos , Kanapitsa , Castle, Saint Helena, Mandraki – Olive, Big Sandy, which is accessed by road or by boat.

Lovers tours have opportunity to walk through streams and forests of the island and discover the deeper beauty of the area .
The island hosts sailing a single port, where you can vacation for relaxation or to bother doing excursions , sports and enjoying the nightlife of Skiathos.

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Chalkidiki – Halkidiki

Mountain or seaside? Beach bar or secret cove? Traditional villages or luxury resorts? Halkidiki caters to every taste“There is nothing like Halkidiki,” say the northern Greeks and they know what they’re talking about. Get ready to succumb to the charms of its three beautiful peninsulas, namely Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos. The first two don’t discriminate, but the third is off limits to women, as it is home to the famous monastic state, Mount Athos. How will your holiday in Halkidiki take shape? Turquoise water, dense pine forests, dreamy hotels, small coves with fish tavernas and cafes, beach bars, archaeological sites, traditional villages in Sithonia, the Petralona Cave in Kassandra. A microcosm of miracles. Explore it with all your senses.

Things to do in Halkidiki
Swimming under the pines
Pine trees that reach right up to the water’s edge, white sand, beautiful bays, crystal-clear water, hidden coves. Halkidiki’s beaches are so great in number that you can’t possibly count them all, but take out a map and have a go all the same; Kavourotripes, Mikro (small) and Megalo (large) Karidi, Kalogria, Kriopigi, Agios Mamas, Sani…do you give up yet? Just make it easy for yourself and  dive into all its stunning beauty.

A five-star stay
Halkidiki tempts you to live a life of luxury at any one of its many luxury  beach resorts. High-end service, activities, spas and a plethora of unique experiences; private dining on the beach, soothing spa treatments, roomy villas right on the water, molecular gastronomy and renowned wines. You can also find private marinas, casinos, boutique shops, top-flight  bars and restaurants… the epitome of classic 5 star luxury in Northern Greece.

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Agios Efstratios

Agios Efstratios or Ai Stratis , as the locals call their island has an area of ​​45 sq. km . Its terrain is volcanic with little green but with rich subsoil .
The highest peak is the » mark » ( 298 m ) . Around it there are several islets and Micronesia . The entire island is listed in the «Natura 2000″, as it is high, the level of conservation of ecosystems .

The only settlement on the island , located the small community located on the northwest coast , where the picturesque harbor of . Today the island live 250 residents . Engaged mainly in fishing and farming, agriculture and tourism .
In recent years with the development of tourism Agios Efstratios is gaining friends , who expressed high praise for its beauty. The pristine beaches, fresh fish and the exceptional quality cheese attract many visitors every summer . On the island there are small guesthouses and lodgings , restaurants and coffee bars , which enable tourists to enjoy the hospitality and the tranquility of the place . The island operates a gas station and office rental motorbikes and cars . It also has a helipad , while the port can accommodate a sufficient number of yachts.For swimming offered the beautiful beaches of the island , Agios Antonios , Agios Dimitrios , Ftylio , Lidario , and Mary Reed . The village’s beach has umbrellas , showers and cabins .

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Lemnos is the eighth Greek island with an area of ​​438 square kilometers and is the fourth coastline ( 260 km ) ! This means that it has many beaches and surely one of these will fully meet your needs !

Whether you want a quiet and secluded beach , or looking for a beach bar with secular and activities , it is certain that you will find … here in Lemnos !
Located in the northern Aegean Sea, the Thracian Sea, between Mount Athos, Samothrace , Imbros and Lesbos . The capital and main port of Lemnos is Myrina .
Lemnos is a volcanic island . Although not forests , has extensive plains cultivated with cereals and vines . Also has beautiful and clean beaches and is an ideal island for a relaxing vacation . The island’s population is around 18,000 .
To the north of the island of Lemnos , 3 km above the village Katalakko and near the beach of Gomati , lie the famous Dunes in an area of ​​70 acres . The Dunes are an extremely rare and allokosmo landscape , attracting more and more fans of curiosities of nature.
The Sahara of Lemnos !

As the Sahara , and so on Lemnos , strong northerly winds constantly reshape the form of these golden mountains of sand , resulting in an unusual optical sight against the blue sea . Lemnos will find two ports which can comfortably accommodate istiofora.Sti Myrina and Moudro .

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The idea of a small Greek island usually brings to mind images of sandy beaches and blue sea . Samothrace , already there is more to add : besides these traditional virtues , a huge mountain , stretched in the largest area of ​​the island , impresses the visitor , while calling him to follow one of several paths to the Moon … as named the highest peak of the mountain Saos the highest peak in North Aegean 1617m.

The island is a combination of wildlife and extraordinary beauty . Mountains and sea, rivers and towering waterfalls with crystal clear waters that flow in ponds ( vathres ) , forests and wild unspoiled nature painted all of palette and forgotten god of human hand , is a paradise that promises the best holidays to any traveler .
The nature except rare landscapes and special natural beauties , » donated » to the island and springs with important therapeutic properties . The hot springs , known since the time of Byzantium for their great therapeutic value , hide a huge geothermal field and dominate the entrance to the village of Therma . The only possibility for bathrooms in warm baths , sea and Pedestal – natural ponds that create waterfalls , gives the visitor a unique experience of rejuvenation and relaxation while the rich waters and green landscape of the traveling with a unique and revealing way.

Samothrace is ranked 7th in the list of top 100 alternative tourist destinations in Europe . Honored with the 2012 Gold Award as a qualitative coastal destination in the European Union Beach and Coastal Area (European Coastal & Marine Union EUCC). The coast of Samothrace is delivering crisp , lacy , covered with white or black » pebble «. On the south side of the island awaits Pahi Ammos , o exotic bush and the beach of Kipi found in the easternmost part of the island is dominated by dark gray-black pebbles , revealing the secret beauties of Samothrace . The port in Kamariotisa can accommodate sailboats.

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Green . Blue . Full of memories and promises. Scenic Beauty and unpredictable sea combines lush evergreen pine forests and olive groves , with crystal clear waters , the traditional way of life in the villages, archaeological sites , trendy shops and nightlife .
The beauty of Thassos is definitely a great opportunity to enjoy nature . Lush forests of pine and fir trees , and land cultivated with olive trees cover the entire surface of the island and the picturesque villages revealed one after another . And while the captivating greenery enough a frisk for this lost time in the vastness of the Aegean. Creeks , beautiful beaches , wild cliffs and hidden caves promise thrilling experiences .
Thassos are organized two ports that can accommodate sailboats , these ports and the stairs Kallirachis.Episis whole island is dotted with sheltered coves where you can spend the night agryrovolontas . Each beach and a apokalypsi.Tha find sandy beaches and many secluded beaches that will make you feel like the first created in paradeiso.Makryammos , Depths , Bib , Fat , Glyfada , Papalimani , Lancet , Golden Beach in Skala Panagia , the Gold Coast Skala Potamia Koinyra , Paradise stack iAlyki considered and the pool on the island, fine sand Astris , Côte drink, Peukari , Côte Limenaria up Tripiti the Atspas Skala Maries , Côte Kallirachi Coast Savior , Côte thickets Skala Prinos and others.


Thassos is an island that adorns the North Aegean and makes the summers of Northern Greece cool, filling them salty. The beaches of Thassos are among the most beautiful in Eastern Macedonia & Thrace and stand out among those of Greece. If you are thinking of visiting Thassos, then you must definitely know the eight beaches that will give you unforgettable moments, fill your body with salt and your mind with wonderful memories.

Aliki Beach

A summer tour of the southeastern side of the island, on the rocky expanse of Aliki, is an excellent experience for every visitor. Consisting of two bays that in ancient times were considered to be a shopping center, Alyki is not slow to unravel its natural beauty, similar to a painting. Thrilling images are made in Alyki of Thassos, composed of water, earth and sky. History and beauty float in its tranquil waters. Visitors enchanted by its beauty, expect to see the colors of the evening as the finale of a beautiful day.

Paradise Beach

The isolated bay surrounded by greenery gives the visitor the feeling of being in an exotic location! Having received international environmental honors justifies his name. The color of the sea is light green and some parts of the beach have rocks. Its crystal clear waters and the fine soft sandy beach will charm you, and if you are lucky enough to succeed in the enormous waves, you will experience an experience similar to Hawaii!

In the past, Paradise was the official nudist beach of Thassos, but in recent years nudists occupy only one part of it.

Saliara Beach

Saliara is a unique and special beach. It is also called Marbles, because the water, due to the white sand and small pieces of marble at the seabed, has a unique emerald color that resembles a tropical coast. The beach is located in a small, isolated bay and in the past it was deserted but in recent years it is busy and organized with sun loungers, umbrellas and a beach bar. Small yachts and boats approaching the coast, complement the enchanting landscape.

Vathi Beach

Vathi Beach is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. You will find it just a few kilometers away from Limenas, to the east of the island. It is an amazingly beautiful place with green waters and trees that cast their shadow on the soft white sand.

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Kavala, the capital and main port of the Kavala prefecture is amphitheatrically built on the slopes of Mt. Symvolo forming one of the most picturesque cities in Greece. The city’s breeze sweeps through its historic buildings, which perfectly reflect the city’s modern character.

Neapoli, Chrysoupoli, Kavala: according to archaeological finds, the city’s history dates back to the Prehistoric times. Initially the city’s core was restricted to the district of Panayia, which has been uninterruptedly inhabited since the 7th century BC. After 2500 years though, at the beginning of the 16th century, Kavala expanded maintaining these new borders until 1870; it was only after 1928 that it began to shape its today structure. Its strategic and economic importance over the centuries is attributed to its strategic position in Via Egnatia, which traversed the city connecting East and West, to its port and to the natural fortification of the peninsula, on which the old city was built.

he most important sights in Panayia district are the Castle, the Acropolis, the Imaret and the old Lighthouse at the end of Theodorou Pavlidou str, beneath which the rocks of Panayia are situated. The landmark of the Old City is the Mohamed Ali square, dominated by its statue, situated between the “konaki” (his house built at the end of the 18th century) and the church of Panayia, built in 1965 on the ruins of an older post-Byzantine three-aisled basilica. A tour around the Mohamed Ali Street will lead you to the oldest district of the city, where you will have the chance to visit Hussein Bey Mosque (or Music Mosque).

The modern town

Kavala boasts a unique character reflecting its recent past: neoclassical mansions and big tobacco warehouses evoke the memory of a distant past when a wealthy bourgeoisie was dominating the city. In the “Mecca of tobacco” as Kavala was named in the past, thousands of tobacco workers, male and female, earned their living. Their faces will remain alive for all eternity thanks to the black and white photos adorning the walls of the city’s Tobacco Museum. At the cobblestoned, lined with palm trees port, stand one next to another modern buildings and fish tavernas, while fish boats cast their reflection on azure waters.

The city’s most popular meeting point is Eleftherias Square while the most buzzing point is Megalou Alexandrou Pedestrian Street featuring chic shops, cafes, bars as well as a tobacco warehouse that has been transformed into a shopping center. Close to Eleftherias square lies the old scenic neighborhood of Agios Nikolaos, where also the homonymous church – a former mosque- is situated. On the relics of an ancient pillar one can see what, according to tradition, is supposed to be Apostle Paul’s footprint, left there from the time that he first visited Macedonia.

Seven important buildings

Tokos Hall (1879). The residence of tobacco farmer D. Tokos which had hosted the consulate of Italy for two years (1879-80) and features Ottoman, Neoclassical and Baroque elements. Today it is the seat of the 12th Department of Byzantine Antiquities.
The old Girls’ School, a neoclassical building, which today houses the 10th Primary School.
Megali Lesxi (Big Club), (1910). A neoclassical mansion that now houses the Municipal Library.
The City Hall (1890), the former residence of the Hungarian tobacco trader Pierre Herzog.
Wix Hall (1898-1900), which used to be the residence of the German Baron Adolf Wix von Zsolna until 1925. From 1989 on it houses the municipal authorities.
The Catholic Mission (1888-92), a building that housed the French consulate as well as a school of French language.
The Municipal Tobacco Warehouse (built around 1900) featuring Ottoman, Neoclassical and Baroque elements.


Kamares, meaning arches, are the trademark of Kavala and a listed monument. It is actually an aqueduct built in 1550 by the Sultan Suleiman II, the Magnificent and repaired in the 19th century by Mehmet Ali to serve the water supply needs of the City. It is a monumental construction, 52meters high, consisting of 60 arches. On Kamares are perched some beautifully repaired refugees’ houses as well as 20th century stores.

The Castle and the Acropolis

The Acropolis was built by the Ottomans between 1425 and 1530 on the ruins of a byzantine castle. It consisted of the inner and the outer walls, which connected the acropolis to the peninsula’s walls fortifying the lower part of the hill on the side of the port.

The castle was built at a time when the war was conducted with early weapons such as bows, arrows and swords. This is why it could not defend the region sufficiently and ceased to operate as a defensive fortress in the following years. Around 1700AD it became a place of imprisonment and exile. The walls surrounding the peninsula of Panayia were reconstructed from the Ottomans at the beginning of the 16th century in order to protect the 130 hectares’ city.

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