Sailing Schools

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Sailing School in Greece

Become a Skipper or Competent Crew

Learn Sailing and Earn Your Officially Recognized Sailing Certificate by the Greek Ministry of Sports

You Will Learn:

  • Terminology,
  • Gear and Equipment,
  • Meteorology,
  • Navigation,
  • Safety on sailboat,
  • Sailboat docking and anchoring,
  • Maneuvering,
  • Sails trimming,
  • Points of sail,
  • Outboard motor handling,
  • International sailing regulations and collision avoid,
  • On-board team work and responsibility for others on-board,
  • Seamanship and how to love our environment are only some of messages that you will receive.

Learn sailing in Greece with Greek instructors. Courses and tests are on English. Instructors taking place in courses are all professionals with many years of particular experience in education of beginners and experienced crew

The Sailing School is officially recognized by Greek Secretariat of Sports.

From March to November, courses of approximately two months (55-h practice and 50-h theoretical) take place, in cooperation with the Nautical Club of Kavala. On the last day of school, written test will be organized. Sailing Certificate will be issued to all crew members, who successfully pass the test. During summer time, special courses of duration of 8 Days and 7 nights can be arranged with non-stop presence on board, along with professional instructors.