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image_194_20132125738Lesbos (Mytilene ) : The island of harmony and beauty.

Between West and East Lesvos , the brightest of the » diamond » of the Aegean Sea , which has rightly described as the «island of Harmony and Beauty » is Lesbos , many know her by the name of Mytilini , because of the homonymous his capital .

Anyone who begins to describe in two words Lesbos usually difficult . That’s because the island is not only a denominator attractiveness as many other tourist islands . It is a mosaic of attractions, with many natural beauties , rare geological monuments , terrifying swings in his landscapes , amazing archaeological treasures , settlements splendid architectural beauty, wetlands , hiking trails , museums very significant value and exceptional local cuisine .
H eruption of a volcano before 20 million years divided the island into two different » worlds » , the switch leaves the visitor ecstatic . The east side is overgrown with pine and olive trees , sloping down to the sea . In the western part of Lesvos ( Mytilene ) but the landscape is changing and something reminiscent of Cyclades and … » Wild West » . Here is a unique monument of world heritage , the petrified forest of Sigri and the Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest .
The island is an ideal destination for summer vacations and recreation . The whole island has an area of ​​1633.83 square kilometers and a population according to the 2011 census , 85,450 residents. The island is mountainous – although several plains – and belongs to the islands of the North Aegean , while just short of the Coast Tourkias. Echei plane tree shape with two large shallow bays , Kalloni and Gera .

Most settlements retain the » color » and their architectural character and come through like a painting , as viewed through the olive groves asimostachti with traditional tiled roofs and cobbled streets thereof. Typical example of the architectural heritage of the settlements, is extremely picturesque Molyvos .
Striking feature of the island’s many hot springs – a quarter of spas in the country is located here – the wetlands with thousands of native and migratory birds and amphibians , the only monument of the Petrified Forest , the well-known throughout the country monasteries ( as St. Raphael the Archangel Mandamados ) and pilgrimage , the worship scene ( where the Christian faith coexist with paganism ) , and of course the living spiritual tradition ever present hazards through events even in the smallest villages.

The beaches of the island , we could say that there are too many relative to the size of the island . But of great variety. Other small and quaint , and other large and worldly . As for the waters are crystal clear and can satisfy all tastes . Other cool waters just as the two Gulf of Kalloni and Gera and others with colder waters such as those facing the Aegean islets pelagos.Stis Tokmakia and especially the Virgin Mary will find fantastic beaches .

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